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Blogging should be a critical component of your strategy for growing your practice, increasing revenue, enhancing your online reputation, retaining existing patients and attracting new patients.

Are you a doctor or a dentist?

Most marketeers tell you how to attract new patients to your medical practice but you should also wonder about patient retention. What most healthcare professionals do not seem to realize is that retaining a patient requires less time and money than acquiring a new one.

Medical and dental practices must implement marketing strategies to accomplish their long-term and short-term goals. Most practices implement a mix of different marketing strategies with an aim to increase their cash flow, get an edge over competitors, increase market share, advertise products and services, venture out into new markets and enhance their reputation.

Nothing, though, can compete with a long-term approach to increasing your reputation! Word-of-mouth referral is undoubtedly the most successful source of new patients. Thus, if your existing patients are satisfied with your service, they are more likely to the spread the word and refer family and friends to your practice. However, this recommendation is not available, potential patients usually turn to online reviews to find the best medical / dental practice near their region.

In this case, ensuring your practice is listed on all popular online directories and review sites is the key to driving more foot traffic to your practice. However, directory listing is not enough to establish your practice. Instead, you must take an entrepreneurial approach to marketing by actively looking for innovative ways to attract new patients.

Below we provide a few ideas for marketing your practice that are very effective but not expensive:

Have you planned your new strategies for gaining new followers on social media?

You have your accounts for a while and you feel exhausted for gaining new followers? Well, have you done with offline promotion of your social media accounts?! This method ensures that your patients know to follow you online and help you gain followers from an audience outside of your practice.

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