Email Campaigns

Newsletters are an effective way to inform your patients about changes to your practice or services, new appointments and news related to your specialty.

In simple words, newsletters are an effective way to keep in contact with your existing patients and use creativity to engage their interest. Sending out regular patient newsletters, either via email or by post, is a good way to keep communication channels open between you and your patients, as well as providing them with an extra service.

Well-designed and informative dental newsletters encourage people to visit your practice. They consist a useful marketing tool.

You may even use a targeted patient newsletter to introduce your practice to the community and inform them about the services you provide.

Careful...we’re not talking about SPAM emails!

We  nurture your leads by offering information on your website, sending them opt-in targeted email that helps them learn more about what you offer, at a pace that suits them. You keep in touch with your leads and existing patients with emails sent on optimised schedules. There is no need to manually send email blasts.. we just take care of all: subscriptions, timing, copywriting, email design.

You just sit back, and listen to the phones ring.

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