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Blogger outreach

Blogging allows your practice to tap into influencers’ reach and get tp the right niche of people talking about your healthcare practice’s services. This ultimately impacts trust and consumer purchasing behaviour! It is naive to think that your prospective or even existing patients won't search others' experience in your practice!

Technorati reports that 31% of online shoppers are influenced by blogs whereas 56% are influenced by the sites themselves!

So how will you integrate blogger outreach into your healthcare practice marketing strategy?

There are two methods:

  • Earned media that is free coverage gained by reaching out to these influencers and providing them with great content.

  • Paid media that is purchased coverage.

We are talking about bloggers that act as brand ambassadors, paid-for sponsored posts, etc. Choosing an earned or paid blogger strategy really depends on the objectives of your marketing strategy which MEDICAL PROMOTION may advise you on. There are pros and cons to both approaches especially regarding SEO.


Video Blogging

This is the best marketing investments you may make in your healthcare practice web marketing.

MEDICAL PROMOTION staff will film you answering patients’ most frequently asked questions, transcribe video, SEO the content, and deliver the video and transcripts on your website and in social media on an optimised schedule.

All you have to do, is watch your website traffic grow.


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