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September 04th, 2016

Remarketing: the new way to keep your healthcare brand visible!

Remarketing is the new marketing channel that facilitates your dental practice web visibility even if someone does not immediately make an enquiry.

It is a way of keeping targeted ads in front of new potential patients once they have left your site.

Thus, if someone was on a dental implants website and left without reaching you, via remarketing we target implant adverts as they continue their web journey, even with an offer for a free consultation.

Remarketing identifies visitors of your website and follows them until they finally reach your practice!


Google AdWords will drive you cost effective new patients for specific treatments while providing your SEO people with the insights on which keyword terms to optimise your website for.

You don’t want to continually pay higher and higher AdWords costs. Thus, we usually use AdWords as a test and refine our SEO strategy for your website.

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