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There are numerous agencies offering search engine marketing, but few know your practice business nearly as well as you do. Search relies on words, semantics, and a clear understanding of your customer/patient’s language.

Why waste time explaining your services to those who dabble in healthcare?!

We’ll help you save time and get the best possible results from your search marketing efforts.

At MEDICAL PROMOTION, we focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) as a strategy. Simply, we believe SEO provides a great return on investment compared to all the other available channels. SEO needs to be part of your fundamental strategy. 

SEO combines art and science of driving targeted visitors to your website. The greateness of this is, these visitors are already searching for specific dental / medical treatments! Via SEO, you get laser targeted visitors to your website.

Therefore, there is increased likelihood to convert clicks into patients / clients if they land on your website and you have the solution to their problem.

Local Search facilitates your practice SEO

In UK, local search for dental and medical practices has become vital for website traffic, following an update in Google’s algorithm. In order to understand the relevance on how Google displays search results, you should understand the difference between organic results and local search results.

For instance if you search the term "Cosmetic dentist Brighton" you will see the dental practices that appear in results within the search area. The first seven results all display a small balloon with address and telephone details next to each result. These results are called "local pack" and are displayed prominently before the first organic search result, which is now eighth on the page.

The most important feature of SEO optimised websites is that they are Visual, Functional and Findable bringing you constantly new patients! 

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