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If you don’t know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram to build your practice brand and drive more high-value patients to your practice then you need to talk with our consultants.  We develop successful social media campaigns for dentists, doctors, plastic surgeons, IVF units and all healthcare specialty units.

Our initial telephone consultation is FREE and our advice will also assist your other online strategies like SEO.

You need social media for your practice!

If you ask anyone what a dentist does, they’ll probably tell you about hygiene, dental examination, fillings etc. Do you want them to say that you save them from wearing dentures, give them a complete makeover, you straighten their teeth with lingual braces ?

Let them know about it! Inform them about the numerous treatments you can offer them and of course how they can buy these great treatment from you!

How? Social Media is your secret vehicle! Social media will help you tell people what you do and most importantly why they should choose you to do it!

socialmedia UKSocial media give you the opportunity to talk with your patients in a more relaxed manner. Especially if you add some nice graphics, you can explain what it is that you do, over an above the norm. By displaying a similar case study, your patients can identify their need much easier!

What should you expect?

- You will inform people - prospective and existing patients - about your latest promotions, new treatments and success stories.

- Prospective patients will find your practice much easier online.

- Social media presence will run along with your website and if they are all SEO optimised you will prevent competition from high Google ranks.

- Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube will help your branding to existing and prospective patients. LinkedIn will help your professional image and enhance your professional references.

Should you trust us?

Since MEDICAL PROMOTION consultants have audited your healthcare practice’s social landscape, we establish your objectives. These objectives could range from driving a certain amount of traffic for a particular treatment to increasing the number of followers by a percentage over a period of time. Otherwise, we will just extend your practice brand’s presence socially in your city / local region.

Whatever your social media campaign objective is, we help you establish a content strategy to effectively achieve it.

Thorough understanding of your objectives ensures social media campaign success

An effective social strategy lies not only in establishing your own objectives but equally considering your audience goals. For instance, what are their needs; how can you raise awareness of your healthcare brand without being intrusive? Offering value content, will get you much further! Simply promoting your practice all of the time hoping it will attract new patients, is not a successful approach. Simply, it doesn’t work well with social media.

At MEDICAL PROMOTION we devote 80% healthcare (dental/medical) social media output into providing valuable content and 20% on direct promotion of your brand. This approach ensures that you build more influence and trust to your followers. After defining your social media strategy, we move on developing the content we have outlined.  That's why it is really important to understand your audience and your healthcare brand. We are creative and everything we publish exudes the values of your brand.

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